We strive for perfection …

… and do the work that will help you concentrate on what you do best – your business. Our solutions are based on our evergrowing knowledge, and your know-how in the field your company solves your clients’ problems. This is why we are able to service the needs of a wide variety of clients, from media monitoring agencies and financial consultancies, to civil engineering companies and educational institutions.

Automation & Optimisation

We develop advanced solutions to save your clients’ time and money, enable your employees to concentrate on real-life projects, work more efficiently and cost-effectively, and optimise your data processing

Sexy Gadgets

The smart little devices running on iOs or Android have opened many new possibilities to us – self-initiated or your projects result in beautiful little apps that make our lives easier or at least more fun.

Pleasing To The Eye

All content needs some kind of the form – be it the User Interface for the app or complex business software we created, or your new logo, brochure, magazine, website… We follow usability and beauty.

Intelligent Solutions

For All Your Mobile Needs

We could not speak of passion for the creative development work, if all we did was client work. Our urge to get better is expressed also through our self-initiated projects, where we are compensated by greater knowledge.

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    Super Fast

    We do everything to optimise all the building parts and check all the details of our apps so that they run as fast as possible.

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    Extremely Reliable

    We extensively test our apps on many devices until they run smoothly and the way we expect them to – we accept no compromises.

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    Very Beautiful

    We have collaborated with some of the best design agencies and freelancers to make sure our apps provide a beautiful and trendy user experience.

Advanced Business Solutions

You’ve got problem? No Problem. Whether you need complex solutions for you media, working process automation, loss of data prevention, time-saving and cost-efficient production or paperwork handling, we will get you there!

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    Simple And Easy

    Our software solutions are easy to use – we concentrate on the problem we are trying to solve as well as on the learning curve of the user.

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    All Support You Need

    Installation of our software on your server and/or workstation is not the end, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as we are available for all your needs.

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    Constant Refinement

    It is you for whom our solutions are created, therefore we invite you to test them and send us your feedback, so we can implement it in the future versions of the software.

“Marvis is a gang of passionate technologists and creatives — perfection is their mission, and they are always willing to go the extra mile for the client.”Renato,CEO / Artizan

Some Of Our Creations

We work hard and talk little – the list of our projects should tell you everything you have to know about us, from diversity of industries we have worked for to the complexity of problems we had to solve for different clients.

Real Estate
International projects

Again, why do people like to work with us?

Put simply, they always get what they want (and many times even more), we’re not selling solutions — we solve problems. We go the extra mile to deliver the best possible software on time.

We keep promises

If we say we are going to do it, we are going to do it. If we can’t do it, we work hard to learn it, and then we do it.

We stick to deadlines

We’re experienced enough we can estimate the timeline for the project, and we set realistic deadlines.

We’re reliable

Our software simply works — we never deliver unfinished products, we create and test, and create and test more.

We see the big picture

Every tiny detail is like a little part in a machine. We thoroughly work on them to keep your software fast and reliable.

We’re in this together

When you get our product, our relationship begins: you work with it and tell us what’s good and what could be better. We listen.

We never let you down

We offer extensive support — tutoring, updates, adaptations, additional features… We’re there when you need us.

We work with the best – for the best!

We are not a corporation, we are a small company with a face and a big heart, driven by passion for the work we do and for the problems of our clients — YOU — we wish to solve on a daily basis.
MARVIS, d.o.o.


The world’s leader in computer periferals.

FIBA Europe

European basketball federation.


Pioneer in mobile and telecommunication technologies.


Integrated Project co-financed by the European Commission


The best optical character recognition (OCR) software.


Redgate makes ingeniously simple tools used by over 600000 companies.


Over 30 First Place Awards. Number #1 visual controls.

Univerisity of Maribor

Globally recognized innovation ecosystem, inspiring the creativity of both employees and students.

“When we need a great app with an impressive UX design, we always call Marvis — we can only recommend you to call them, too.”Branko,CEO / Insa

Who you're gonna call?

We strongly encourage you to contact us and get more information about how we can help you – we can build a wonderful partnership and together try to make the world a better place.


Working hours:
Monday – Friday : 08:00 – 16:00

Office address:
MARVIS d.o.o.
Hošnica 30
2318 Laporje

Email: info@marvisapps.com


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